No Smoking Day
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Hello folks :D

Hi everyone, new member here so I thought I would pop in and introduce myself. Over the last few days I have been obsessively reading through posts here and deciding that enough was enough!

I started smoking when I was 19-ish because the group of friends I was hanging about with then all smoked and I stupidly thought it was cool and exciting so even though I had given it a go in the past and absolutely hated everything about it I became a smoker. Thinking back definitely the worst decision I have ever made.

Fast forward to now and I've had no real quit attempts that have lasted any more than I think 4 days, mainly just spurred on by the most recent chest infection I had. Funny how after a while you just accept that you're more prone to chest infections, isn't it? But as soon as my symptoms cleared I was right back on the cancer-sticks puffing away between coughing fits. CRAZY!

This time however, something's different.

I have been steadily building up to this point for a while. Thinking about how much I really just hate smoking. How much time it takes out of my life. How much it turns me into a raving psycho if I can't get a fix, how anxious I get if I don't have 'enough' fags. I hate everything about it.

So with no real plan in place I decided, rather spontaneously, that today would be my Day One. I'm feeling rather ok, happy and excited rather than stressed and gasping. I wonder how long that will last. lol. I've been up a few hours now and usually would be climbing the walls by now but I seem to be holding it together rather well. This time Might just be the time!

Anyway I'm sorry for this really long and rambly introduction. Just thought i'd give you all a little insight and a little background and to be even more honest I think i'm just trying to keep myself busy :D

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

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oldestnewest anxious I get if I don't have 'enough' fags. I hate everything about it.

Ha, recognise that one! Open a pack you thought had eight in it to find just two, and then shock of the 'nasty surprise'...

Welcom to the forum, and hope you're quit is successful, stay strong! :)


Thanks guys, feeling more at home already! It's making me feel really positive that I can do this!

I have to admit i haven't been so bad today in the desperate for a fag, but I sure do have a rage inside me over the littlest things!

Been quite a testing day so far as well (Mondays always are! haha!) but i'm proud to report i'm staying strong. Seem to be drinking an awful lot more cups of tea so far, but if that's all i'm having to deal with so far i'll take it! :D


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