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Big 50 tomorrow!!

Morning All,

Im chuffed that Ill reach50 days tomorrow! Must admit the last couple of days have been a bit odd for me, I actually wanted a ciggie yesterday, but didnt crave one...does that make sense!??

On my last box of step 2 of the NRT.... go to see "My Boss" this Friday, trying to work out if im ready to drop down to the last step...we shall see how this week goes.

Still really determined to keep to this quit, Ive failed so many times. I still have this little niggly fear that I will fail, but im using that niggle to keep me fighting against it. Im feeling really quite lucky that I have good support, and that from somewhere my determination is taking over when it needs too!

I looked at my smoking app this morning, and something amazed circulation has improved by 53%.....couldnt catch my breath at that....jeez why do we damage ourselves so willingly!?

Anyway, colder weather on its way and at least we wont be shivering outside anymore :)


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