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No Smoking Day
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Floating between day 5 & 6

Just joined this forum.

I thought I could quit on 09.11.13 - somehow thinking it a poetic date to do so. I thought I was strong enough to leave 5 cigarettes for posterity. NO GO. Saturday, smoked 2; Sunday another two. Going for another memorable date...... 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month - smoked my last cigarette. I have been a 'dedicated' smoker for over 40 years (and smoked as much daily!). I love/loved smoking. But of late, it was nagging at me that I have to reckon with my smoking and its consequences. My mother died of cancer (she was not a smoker); my doctor is not too happy with my 'health regime' - ie regular medical check-ups but still carry on smoking. My husband, coming from a family with dicky hearts, also goes for regular check-ups. His specialist gives him a clean bill of health but chastises him for smoking! He doesn't smoke, but is a passive smoker! Sum total...... I had to grow a spine and quit this habit! Some years ago, I had tried the e-fag - no disrespect to the inventor, they are utter crap. A very poor substitute. Lighting up a cigarette is a ritual, smoking it is a journey, as is its end. I reckoned, it was cold turkey or nothing.

I cannot say it has been easy, on the contrary, cigarettes are in the forefront of my thoughts. But, this time, 5/6 days, is the longest I have ever been without lighting up and hopefully I can get to week 2.

Read through a lot of posts and found them of so much help. So encouraging to know i am not alone. Big very thank you.

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Good for you firefly it gets easier xx


Thanks Debbieh & Puddles

Thanks so much for your support.

Ye gods, it's hard. Let's say this is day 6 (not going to round up the hours to 7!), the craving hasn't lessened. I am ashamed to say I have even searched my garage floor for an old cigarette butt and, for sure, had I found one, I would have lit it (irrespective if George, 'the friendly un-catchable mouse' might have walked all over it). Although, thinking long and hard, do I want to repeat the first couple of days of cessation?

Weight gain concerns me. Ironic, everyone congratulates you on having stopped the habit, but aren't they eager to emphasis that you will definitely gain weight! I have started a 1 hour walk before I go to work. And I guess I have to be judicial in food intake. I read this weight gain issue is all in the mind, in that our metabolism does not change due to cessation. So if we gain weight, it is because of over-indulgence. Any advice?

Once again, thanks for your support


Last cigarette at 11a.m. - 11th November 2013


Hi Jenny

Thanks for your post. The cravings come at specific times of the day and in all fairness, did we think this would be a breeze? After all this is a life-changing point in our lives. In fact I am taking stock of how ridiculous I must have been over my dependency. Can you be more of a smoker....... cigarette in one hand and brushing my teeth at the same time?

To everyone, WE WILL PREVAIL!!! Good luck to you all. Be strong.


Doing it cold turkey!


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