No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and a great weekend ahead!

Morning folks and hello day 5!

Having a lovely chilled morning, love being off work :). Just sitting in the heat enjoying my cuppa so much better than standing freezing at the back door polluting my lungs!!

Have a lovely weekend ahead, off to Bristol to see my sis with the girls and instead of fearing it, I'm not saying bring it on :)

Fear will not ruin my weekend nor will the nicodemon. I'm going to ride out the craves and show this monster ( and mainly myself) I do not need to have a cig to enjoy life, it's so much more fun without it!

Well that's my goal for the weekend, what's yours?? Xxx

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Have a fab time Mrs M :)

Enjoy yourself, don't drink too much, enjoy not having a hangover and a mouth like the bottom of a parrot's cage in the morning :eek:


Mr M

What a difference a day makes eh ? I was worried for your beautiful quit yesterday when you posted about Bristol. But seeing this attitude on you today I'm sure you are gonna have a stonking time and get through this weekend great.

Enjoy the time with friends and family Mrs M.



Enjoy the painting Kat. It can be quite therapeutic.

So I'm told :p



A positive attitude really does make such a difference!

Paul, I'm hugging my beautiful quit tightly this time :)

Enjoy your painting Kat, want to come do my house when your done lol xx


Mrs M

Can't wait to hear how your weekend went. :D xx


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