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3 days 15 hours CT

Tomorrow will be day 5 (i think) of my CT quit. I have actually found it surprisingly easy so far, I think because I really do have so much to gain from quitting. I'm 24 and when I look back on my life, I think about all the time smoking took away from me, how miserable it made me feel, how embarrassed I felt to smell of smoke, all the money I wasted. Even on my 4th day, I feel so amazing, I never want to go back to how I was before. I smell good, feel more confident, have nice breath, more money in my pocket, and I'm full of optimism for the future.

I'm not going to let my guard down though, I will be drinking on Saturday so need to be careful. Does anyone have any tips?

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Sounding great Matthew, so positive and I'm beginning to learn that's key :)

As for the weekend and drinking, this is also going to be a challenge for myself but I'm thinking on how I'll feel when I've fought it and shown myself that I don't need a cig to enjoy myself! Think we have to keep alert and make the quit priority!

Get ready to shout our joy on Monday :D


Thanks! I think positivity is definitely the key! Looking forward to a night out and not stinking of stale fags!

MrsMash I had my last cig at 9:30 on the 11th so about an hour after you! We'll keep each other going



It will be tough and you will prob have "moments" but take a big deep breath and count to ten and it will pass. Just don't have too many drinks and stay in control yeah ! Have fun :)


Good luck with it.. Keep up the postive mood and stay on gaurd


well done! im on my 12th day cold turkey now and I feel abit crap, not gonna lie but its easier than day 3-4, its more mind over matter for me now. my advise is not to expect a miracle, you will have to work to keep yourself quit, but it will get easier to do that and you will feel so proud of yourself! thats the reward my friend :D xxxxx


Sounds good Matthew we can be quit buddies and keep each other on track lol :)


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