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I'm Back - DAY 28!!

Hi All,

Well, had a few historical quits, ranging from hours to 18 months and needless to say that I caved.

However, on the 16/10 I got back in the saddle, with an e-cig for stirrups. I haven't had a "real" fag now since and have found it less difficult (but not a breeze by any means), when compared to Cold Turkey/Patches/Champix.

Not meaning to open a can of worms here at all but I do get a sense of a hollow victory. I know that what I am now doing is healthier (I think!) and I get monetary and other benefits (no stinky Chris!). However, I can't shake this feeling that I am cheating hence why i haven't posted here.

I would welcome your guys thoughts on this - I know this is probably an emotive subject but I kinda guess that is what forums are for?

Whatever the thoughts/guidance - there is absolutely no way I am going to go back to real fags!


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As you say, I would guess that what you're doing now is probably better than smoking real cigarettes. Although the research is limited at the moment.

However, for me personally, it's just replacing one problem with another. I wanted to be free of having to think about something all the time. Making sure that I've got my fags/ecig with me.

I know a couple of people who have swapped to ecigs like you with no problems basically. Just stopped smoking cigarettes and started on an ecig no problem. That doesn't surprise me really because you're still addicted to nicotine, and with the ecig, you're getting plenty of it.

Like I say, for me personally, I just wanted to put smoking behind me and move on. But if it's working for you, then I'd probably guess it's better than the real thing.


My sentiments are this....1) You are off the fags and the 4000 plus chemicals !!!

2) some people I know are getting more nicotine than when they smoked normally so be careful.

3) you are still mimicking smoking hand to mouth action which is habit forming which could lead you to go back to smoking

4) do whatever you feel best doing but in my opinion it is best to be nicotine free.

I personally will also feel much happier when these e cigs have been rigorously tested on long term use and effects.


Chris, my opinion has always been that it is better to use an e-cig than a cigarette, regardless of the scientific evidence or lack thereof. I'd say it is no worse than the nicotine inhalers being used for NRT quits where addiction is concerned. And, you have the same options of varying strengths to taper off and quit altogether. Just don't use it as a permanent replacement. The trade-off is that the hand to mouth habit is one of the problems to be overcome, and, unfortunately, the e-cig does not help there.


Thanks All!

Appreciate all the replies and insights.

I'm fairly content at the moment but perhaps don't have that sense of freedom that came with my 18 month quit.

I do harbour the concerns that I am swapping one vice for another and there does need to be a stop to the E-Cig at some point. When will that point be - well, I need to have a think about that! I don't want to be stuck in the halfway house forever!



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