No Smoking Day
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A new milestone

Hi everyone.

Just want to report in and celebrate with you all that

today is my

200 Days without one single puff !

Today is a good day. Still steadily growing, but still running and going to gym which is good. The weight is an issue now that I am now ready to conquer. When I find out how will let you know lol.

Be good everyone and New quitters - keep focused and stay quit.


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That's amazing Woo - huge well done to you!!


Thanks all :)

It feels good today :) thanks xx


Debs thank you are you doing ? xx



I know, what a nightmare ! I had days like that too where I was so spaced out..God knows how I got through it.

Hope you not feeling too icky on the champs like a lot do. It's whatever you need as you say to save yourself. You are doing ok. :) xx


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