No Smoking Day
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Amazing :)

I was so sure, only seven months ago, that my fight against the nicotine monster couldn't last. I was so out of hope and motivation, just like so many other people have been during the early stages of quitting.

Here is a thread that I started, as a last ditch attempt to hold onto my quit:

You'll have to excuse the hijack near the end ;)

I remember writing this post and I definitely was not smiling. I felt horrible and like failure was inevitable, but now I feel strong and so proud of myself for getting this far.

If you're having a bad day, make sure you give yourself some time now and then to look back at those first posts. It's amazing just how positive it can make you feel. X

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Nostalgia seems to have taken hold now:

A thread I dedicated to Allen Carr. :)


Oh wow I remember that, and the frantic conversation we had on Yahoo that day :eek::eek::eek:

Somehow I knew you'd come thought though hun.


Oh man I LOVED these threads :D:D and how many whacks on the head with a frying pan did I get :confused::confused: every time I made a suggestive remark in fact :D

Sarah Lou nobody could be more proud of you,NOBODY,than I am you have totally nailed this,and it is quite breathtakingly fab to witness!!!!! xx

It's an amazing feeling isn't it? :) Not the frying pan to the head though. Ha!

My brother in law is currently using an e-cig, after being on and off smoking for the last couple of years. Unfortunately he is very much an emotional smoker and so can always find a reason to relapse. I feel so much for him at the moment, because I know he wants to be healthy and off the cigs (he has a 3 year old and a wife who stopped smoking a few years back), but he just seems to hit a wall now and then.

He and my sister visited this weekend and I have donated my Allen Carr to him, under the strict instruction that he continues to use the e-cig while reading the book.

I sincerely hope that this gives him fresh motivation to get back to a quit he feels comfortable with. Until that time I'm going to keep prodding now and then as a reminder that a smoke free and happy life is just around the corner! ;)

Reading old threads like the ones I've posted makes you really think about what addiction is. Remembering that mindset of an addict, constantly waiting until it's time to give in. Boy am I glad that's not me anymore!! :D



Lovely to read. Just fab my love:)

Fi x


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