42 days today

Made it to 42 days today, so as a treat, Im going to count weeks from tomorrow! lol (it will be 6 weeks tomorrow :))

Im feeling ok, lots going on in my life, some good, alot stressful, but Im keeping focused and trying to work through things as calmly as possible, whilst not giving in to the demon that tells me only a ciggie will make it better....it wont, so why it insists on trying to convince me ill never know! :D.

Ive been a little up and down the last week, quite emotional, nose bleeds have increased a little, did anybody else get nosebleeds!?.

Also, and I must just mention this....I have to walk up this hill to work, its fairly steep and Ive always power walked it...as a smoker, id be battered before I got half way, out of breath to the point id have to slow down, legs would really ache...this morning I noticed as I power walked to the top without stopping, or slowing down, whilst talking on the phone to my OH, that I wasnt out of breath and my legs didnt ache (I have arthritus in my left knee from an old sports injury)....HOW AMAZING DID I FEEL!!! :D

Have a wonderful Day all, even though its raining and dull and windy...look at it as a beautiful Autumn day with amazing colours

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  • Woweeee......you sound on top of the world, magic mom! :D Well done on your 42 days and on steaming up that hill! That sort of thing makes you feel so good, doesn't it. Spurs you on as well. :)

    How bizarre that you mention nosebleeds....I had one yesterday and it's only the second one I've ever had in my life.:eek: Is it to do with quitting, do you know?



  • Well done you, you have conquered that hill, and the demon. Keep going, who knows what you will be capable of:D

  • Congratulations, it won't be long until you're counting in months :D:D:D

  • Thankyou all :D

    Noggin; Yes, nosebleeds are common. I was really worried when I first had them. Smoke is a sinus irritant and drys it all out. So when you stop, the nose gets back to normal, which is moist, but sadly due to us using the irritant, the nose has to adapt back :(. They should ease off after a bit though, but Ive had some right corkers! lol

    Jennings; I cant wait to count in months! Thats my treat when I get to month 3! lol

    Shojam; Who knows!! lol Id really like to do the 3 peaks hike tbh (must be mental)

    Melissa x

  • Well done on 42 days Magicmom,

    I didn't get nosebleeds but I did get really emotional. I got angry, sad, lonely, stressed, silly and giggly, the lists just never ends. I would be watching Gardeners World and find myself crying for heavens sake! I didn't realise how emotional I was getting until it started to calm down and everyone around me sighed with relief :D

    My legs feel like I could walk forever without getting tired now, it's awesome isn't it? :D

    I love posts like yours, they never fail to put a smile on my face :)

    Molly x

  • I would be watching Gardeners World

    Molly x

    A fellow Gardeners World watcher! :D

    Blinkin' last one this coming Friday. :(




  • Awww Molly! Ive gotten tearful too, it is a mad one isn't it!? One minute your good the next you feel the major need to blart!! :eek: Ive stopped holding it in and so I just blart and have a cuddle with the OH who is learning to "not get them" too :D

    Noggin; I love gardening but the actual of it! I miss it more if I watch gardening programs (I live in in apartment with no garden :()

    Max; Thankyou! Feeling Super Duper!


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