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time to check in


Hello again. Well, day 26 rolling to an end. Hasn't been a very pleasant week, travelling to an unpleasant country whose name ends with stan. I missed my old enemy many a time and it was really strange not to go to the smoking lounge at the airports! Truly, it is odd to know that something is an enemy to you and to miss it still. Boy, I'm a weakling!

Things will get even better at one month, I'm convinced of it!!

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You are doing great, keep it up:D

You are doing great, keep it up:D

Grin! Thanks shojam!

Not a weakling at all, Malathione. Fags were our constant companions for years; they are noticeable by their absence; some people (me, included :o) end up almost mourning for them :eek::eek: It'll pass.:D

Well done on your 26 days!



your not weak mal, One minute I miss the enemy so much it hurts and the next im feeling so proud and happy ive kicked him to curb! it is like a bad ex partner who you hate but find really attractive still ha ha! never as good as they look though and in time we will get over it im sure!

Thanks, you guys. I know it's been said before but I don't think I'd have gotten this far without the help that you give.

Max, yes, even in this short period of time, thoughts of smoking are becoming less frequent. They tend to occur with greater frequency when my routine is disrupted. But back to normality starting today!

Nikki, hell, my last ex or cancer, not too dissimilar!

update-health benefits

Day 28 today, just an observation to share.

I run five times a week, have been doing it for years, 5k every day and I tend to run pretty hard. The last two runs, I've noticed that to maintain the same peak pulse rate as before, I need to run substantially faster. Total surprise to me, a very pleasant one, indeed!


The stamina keeps getting better, everything that I have done athletically that has been challenging in the past has become easier. You're doing wonderfully, and a couple more weeks and you won't be feeling weak at all. Think of how much easier it is to just not smoke than it was in the first 2 weeks and you'll realize that you are practically home free.


Oh, much easier now, Tim, no doubt! Still the occasional thought but not too often. Even if I had thought the effort and discomfort of quitting not worthwhile, the improvement in stamina decisively proves otherwise.

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