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Had a health scare!

Yep, that's right! Just over three years ago I was admitted to hospital with a massive deep-vein thrombosis and multiple blood clots down the length of my left leg. After some testing, it turned out the clots had also travelled to my lungs. I spent ten full days in hospital while they observed my condition, administered further tests, and calibrated the thickness of my blood using warfarin, which I had to continue to take for a year after my release. I also had to wear a surgical stocking to keep the blood flow going in my lower leg. Even today, things are not what they used to be and my left foot often swells to a point where I have trouble putting on my shoe.

I have no idea if the blood clots were directly related to me having smoked for over twenty years, but it was certainly a massive wake-up call. I was convinced nothing would ever happen to me health-wise, and it didn't, until it did! I still feel that the smoking was somehow responsible (thinning of the arteries and so forth).

It was perhaps easier for me to give up than most people, because I had been suddenly confronted with a health scare, and wanted to limit my chances of killing myself voluntarily. After all, smoking is a form of slow suicide, I have no doubt. However, I really wish I had the strength and courage to stop before it came to that.

Luckily, I survived the scare and have been smoke free for three years as of yesterday 8th November. I'm quite proud of that achievement, but I would have really preferred to have been in a position to stop well before something potentially life-threatening happened.

Sorry for the lecture!


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Wow that is some story Alex, good to see you posting again, I was wondering how you were doing. That must have been a really scary time for you.

3 years is brilliant! I hope I get to 3 years:)


Hi Alex,

Firstly, 3 years is flipping awesome! I hope you're proud.

Secondly, I wanted to thank you because when I'd very first quit last year I found this forum but didn't register and join in for quite a while, 6weeks or so. I read tonnes of posts both old and new instead. Yours were some of the most motivating, concise and, in my opinion, brilliant posts. They helped me so much in those early days.

Plain, simple and honest advice worked the best for me and you and a few others gave me that. I am very grateful that you did.

So, thanks Alex, it really is good of you to keep coming back, you don't have to but you take the time and that gives newbies loads of hope when they're in the thick of the battle so to speak.

Again, huge pat on the back for seeing what was happening and changing things before it had gone too far.

Here's to another 3 years, and another, and another and so on :D

Molly x



That wasn't a "lecture." That was a very important Life Lesson everyone who visits this forum should read.

My heartiest congratulations for reaching three years. That's massive. That's huge. That's awesome - and it's soooo important for newer quitters to see what's possible.

I'm so glad I popped on today and found this post. I've got two years quit in my sights (next March) so it's really fun/cool/inspiring to hear from someone who's reached Year 3.

Keep up the great work, keep posting occasionally, and enjoy your not-quite-new smoke free life, my friend! :)



Another great post, 3 years is amazing, just fab and I have to echo Molly, yours is a journey I too enjoyed reading.

Fi x


I'm glad i remember occasionally to pop back and have a quick read of this forum. It's people like you Alex that gave me huge comforting support when i needed it most.

Every forum has a handful of brilliant posters and you certainly fit the bill here. I'm well chuffed for you fella.

Lets celebrate with a bottle of London Pride each :)


Soooo nice to hear from you again Alex :D

You were an inspiration to me in the early days and kept me going - for that I thank you.

Massive well done on your 3 years smoke free. Long may it continue XXX


Thanks very much to all you!

It's great to hear that I have helped some of you along the way, and at the very least I feel that sometimes I've irritated people into action! :D

I wish you all the best on your journey!




God bless you, you are an inspiration. Don't chastise yourself about the timing - you did it when the time was right for you. That the way things go!



Hi Alex

Sorry only just saw this post and i wanted to say a Belated CONGRATULATIONS on your 3 year quit.

I for one am glad u found this place and stuck with the quit. You have been an asset to this forum and i am happy to say that your a great friend too.

Good luck with the next year and the next as together we will stack the numbers up.

Well done for staying so strong and beating the clots and of course Mr Nic.

All the best my buddy

:) x


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