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New iPhone Next Week

Well the decision has been made I am going to Cardiff next week to the Apple store and I am going to buy an iPhone 5s 16gb I will have £175 for my iPhone 4 which will leave me £374 to pay in cash actually it's the Nicodemon buying it for me then in the New Year the Nicodemon will be buying me a 60 inch Smart TV! Why O Why did it take me so long to wise up, but that's water under the bridge now. I am looking forward to being smoke free for the rest of my life and after I have achieved my 2 currant targets my next big reward will be a Cruise.

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oldestnewest always makes me smile when I read your posts! Like you, I use the money saved for particular things....half into a savings account and half for lovely days out. This week I joined the National Trust.......a whole year of days out for just over the cost of a week's fags! It'll only be a few local places, but hey.....they're days out!

I hope you really enjoy that new phone and that there will be loads of good stuff on the TV, come the New Year!





Well done, brilliant about your phone, you'll love it. Finger print activation, my son has the gold one, it's affa posh!!!! Enjoy!

Fi x


Brilliant Rex, you enjoy your new boy toys you deserve them! Just shows how much we wasted on the fags, but not anymore!:)


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