New iPhone Next Week

Well the decision has been made I am going to Cardiff next week to the Apple store and I am going to buy an iPhone 5s 16gb I will have £175 for my iPhone 4 which will leave me £374 to pay in cash actually it's the Nicodemon buying it for me then in the New Year the Nicodemon will be buying me a 60 inch Smart TV! Why O Why did it take me so long to wise up, but that's water under the bridge now. I am looking forward to being smoke free for the rest of my life and after I have achieved my 2 currant targets my next big reward will be a Cruise.

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  • always makes me smile when I read your posts! Like you, I use the money saved for particular things....half into a savings account and half for lovely days out. This week I joined the National Trust.......a whole year of days out for just over the cost of a week's fags! It'll only be a few local places, but hey.....they're days out!

    I hope you really enjoy that new phone and that there will be loads of good stuff on the TV, come the New Year!



  • Rex

    Well done, brilliant about your phone, you'll love it. Finger print activation, my son has the gold one, it's affa posh!!!! Enjoy!

    Fi x

  • Brilliant Rex, you enjoy your new boy toys you deserve them! Just shows how much we wasted on the fags, but not anymore!:)

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