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Felt good...


We had our usual hospital appointment for our Autistic son yesterday & for the first time ever, me & my husband were able not to get fidgetty or snappy waiting because we were desperate for a fag...in fact, we felt really sorry for the poor sods who were stuck outside in the cold, wind & rain getting their fix. It dawned on both of us that we were finally free from Nick O'teen's tyranny...no longer will we get panicky because we're dying for a fag...no longer will we be constantly on the look out for the smoker's part...no longer will we have to stand outside in all weathers getting our tar hit....finally...we are free!

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Hats off to you two :) nice feeling isn't it :)

Lol...thanks, KK ;)


Love this post too, pure and simple and so true and well said:)

Fi x.

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