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Floating poo

Coming to the end of day 8 today, my symptons have been exactly the same as my 2 previous quit attempts, nosebleeds/poor sleep/loss of concentration/a few spots, however, this attempt has brought about a new symptom......floating poo :eek::eek::eek: , i've noticed that everytime i've gone for a number 2 since quitting I'm having to flush more than once, it doesnt really bother me. I'm sure there is a reasonable explaination, has anyone experienced it lol .

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Me Too with the Poo : /


I'm on Day 85 of my quit & yes I find my poo's are not always flushing too. I'm also 'windier' than I ever was when I smoked. Are you using any NRT? I'm using NiQuitin Lozenges 4mg and I noted one of the side effects can be flatulence & digestive problems so I'm thinking these may be the cause. I'm also eating more & probably not everything that's good for me .. but hey, better than the fags eh?

I'm gonna try cutting down on the NRT once I get to 3 months so I'll let you know if that alleviates this rather embarrassing side effect.. :) Good Luck to us both on our quits :)


Max- No aero or crunchies bars lol

Rebecca- I've gone completely cold turkey, I am eating more now than before I quit , no major change in food , just more of it...


Way way too much info. Somebody told me floaty poo means airy poo which is caused by a faster transit time. Wouldn't surprise me the amount of extra wind we seem to produce when we stop smoking if some of that gas doesn't help the buoyancy of your jobbie.



i seem to fart like a guddun!...think thats the wine tho!


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