No Smoking Day
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So....the days are adding up for us arn't they!!??

Morning All, hope the weather isn't to miserable where you all are :)

Cant believe Ive hit Day 39 today....the days tot up don't they?

Ive had a tough few days, but thanks to the support of this forum and the lovely people on here, and of course the OH, Ive made it through unscathed.

Had my first dream last night about smoking though, only took a drag of a ciggie and then burst into a massive coughing fit....well if that doesnt put me off!?

Ive re-focused my mind.....set myself little targets to reach and not be too hard on myself when a crave hits....this is a tough path, but one that gives so much back. So, as I see so often on here...Onwards and the Penthouse we travel :D

Have a good day everyone


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Well done, you know what you are doing and you are strong.....keep going and it will be day 40, a nice round number :)


Thankyou Shojam.....its the only time ill say im looking forward to 40! (since Im only 4 years off on Sunday :eek:)

Thankyou Max! I have no intentions of letting this quit go at all!

Even though the last few days have been a bugger, Ive not got to the stage of wanting or even thinking of buying any, so that must be a good sign!?:D


Well done Melissa, I am right behind you at day 33! That is such a nice post and you are right it makes a great difference on the kind of day and week we are having, but knowing that it is part of the game helps.

40, scary and nice thought ;)


:D:D:D Brilliant, day 40 is even better ;), You are doing really well, your attitude speaks volumes too:cool:. As far as those smoking dreams go, I've had some corkers, so realistic I woke up disappointed that I'd given up :( then ecstatic when I realised I was still "clean" :rolleyes: Keep up the excellent work, day 50 is just around the corner :D:D:D


48th day :)

well this week I swapped from 25mg to 15 mg NRT patches. Well I feel a bit tensed and passed tru one craving a day for a fag ( its been 3 weeks now I did not feel the cravings). Is this normal?

On the whole each day I feel better. By the way last week went abroad, for the first time I experienced flying being a non smoker, and it feels great. No more feeling irritated while waiting to line up at the aeroplane gates...not being nervous on the flight and craving for a fag...felt great that once I got out of the airport I just headed up for the bus and not stopping to take my fag time ! Also, felt more relax that something is not creating any tension ( the craving itself)....


well done magic mom and u too Estenada.It just goes to prove that smoking does not relax you, in fact it causes us stress by making us constantly think about our fag breaks that we have with everything we do ,like airports , stations ,restaurants, cinemas. visiting relatives and friends. We plan everything to fit around smoking. Its great to be free of that ,free and at ease, free to just be ourselves just as we are. Brilliant . Well done.



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