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Day 4 almost over


Well, I have almost completed day 4 no thanks to the OH. Thinking of trading him in for a non smoking one. He keeps leaving his ciggies within my grasp in the kitchen and my brain keeps shouting at me that they are there. I did notice that my kitchen was stinking of them after he went to bed and had smoked his last ciggie of the day. It's hard for me to ignore his habits at the moment but I can hardly dictate to him when I was just as bad. I just keep reminding myself that I don't want to smoke:(

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oh not good living with a smoker when you first quit

but just remember you have been through this stage before and as long as you stick to your resolve you can do this hun

you could always get some nice smelly air freshener and ask him to squirt it around when he has finished smoking just so it dont pong so much

well done on getting to day 5


week one is nearly under your belt and you will soon be in week 2


You're so strong, and that's fantastic and bodes so well for your quit.

You're facing the trigger of someone else smoking around you right from the outset so you're going to be cast iron in your quit really early on!

You keep reminding yourself that you want this and that you're strong enough. You know you are, you've done this before.

You should be so proud of yourself.

Molly x

Thanks guys, I have just been and bought a lovely air freshener spray, I would normally have my candles lit but they get put out around 7 so I don't forget. Will spray him, I mean spray the room after him.

Hi Shojam,

I know that feeling! My OH smokes too, roll ups! Ive been lucky though, I did tell him he had to smoke outside in order to support my quit....and reluctantly...he did. He did have this habit of smoking in the bathroom I did have a slight hissy fit only last week where I said if he "insisted" on smoking in the bathroom the window was to be "WIDE" open, and that I didnt care if it was cold cos id prefer that than the stink!!! lol :) He has now started opening the window.

TBH Ive found the fact he smokes something of a help? I know its odd, but it seems to build my resolve against it because I can see and smell what I sometimes crave! (If that makes any sense at all!)

Keep strong, Day 5 is a massive accomplishment Shojam, so WELL DONE :D


I know what you mean Melissa, sometimes it can be a comfort in a sick sense. But I think that so early in the quit the temptation can become too much. I am lucky in the fact that he smokes more at work and only has 2 or 3 in the evening. As long as I keep saying that I don't want to smoke, I should be good.....onwards and upwards as they say, day 5 and still don't want to smoke:D

Hi Shojam,

I agree re early on its hard, because its there right in front of you isn't it? It does get easier though I assure you :)

If it helps; I told myself to stay around the OH whilst he was smoking, even stood outside in the rain and cold with him, smelling the come indoors before he did then and smell the smell when he came back helps focus your mind on what you think you are missing. For me, I asked if I really missed standing in the cold and wet and wind and then smelling when I went indoors!? lol. It doesnt work for everyone, I know......but mindset is important, Ive learnt that over the last few days more so than before :)

Its ended with my OH constantly asking me if he smells bad! lol :D


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