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DAY 19 - The Rage!!!


Hello folk, Im sorry to keep posting everyday I just really need somewhere to vent at the moment quite often! so its return to reality today, at Uni all day!!

I need to say this - are'nt people so ****** inconsiderate!?? It just doesnt seek to amaze me how people have no idea how rude they are and how immature they come accross!! Something really annoyed me today and i spoke up about it, i normally wouldnt of done but i think the smoking rage ment i had to get itoff my chest, but luckily i used my head and kept it quite diplomatic! I used to speak my mind alot as a kid, maybe the fags made me roll over ha ha sorry world she is back ;)

anyways, apart from that a good day! not wanting to smoke at all! feel rough though yes, but not the end of the world. I hope i dont kill anyone when i go back to uni :mad: xx

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Don't be sorry for posting every day, it's what the forum's for.....just keep doing that and keep away from the ecigs ;)

You're well on your way to three weeks without a cigarette now Nikki. Also, you've almost got all of the nicotine out of your body now.

To say you're doing well is an understatement!

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