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The year thats changed my life

Hey guys

Well as the title says, this is the year my life has changed. One year ago today I put out my last fag and I can honestly say I haven't looked back since! Yeah I've had craves early on and ups and downs and temptations along the way but now, smoking rarely crosses my mind (ironically though I did have a dream last night that I had a fag on the night I entered the Penthouse - I haven't by the way!!) - really think I've cracked it!

Stopping smoking has led to so much more though. I've always enjoyed exercise and did a reasonable amount, even when smoking but oh boy am I so much fitter now!! Stopping smoking has spurred me onto a path of fitness, like a few others on here and this last year and I have stepped it up big time, got into running, joined a running club and am getting faster and fitter all the time. I've also tackled the weight which I've gained over the last few years, partly as a result of stopping smoking but mainly cause I'm a greedy git!! Anyway with a focussed plan and a kick ass fitness regime I've lost a whopping 5 stone and am in the shape of my life!!

All this kick started by binning the cigs and that would have been ****** difficult without all the amazing information and support I've got from this forum, you are all a fantastic bunch and have helped me massively on my journey in particular my close quit buddies Molly, Nifty and Lostie but you are all fantastic and I will always be thankful that you were always there with wise words, kind words or a kick up the backside....or cat pictures, I like cat pictures!!

Anyway I am going to stop now as I'm venturing into Nifty esque like epicness so will just say thanks! And to those early on in your quit, stick to it, it gets easier and easier.....and believe me you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it, and soon you'll be here in the fabulous Penthouse!!

Now.....where's the champers?????

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Very inspiring, thank you! I'll be joining you in just short of a year!!


Well done you, enjoy the champers




Truly a magnificent post. Congratulations.

I am particularly pleased to read on your fitness, like you I am into fitness but I am still gaining unfortunately. So when I read your post I had a big smile I can tell you.

Hopefully in the penthouse you can start a running club with Angry Bear and in 5 months time I can join you ! ( don't mean join you and Angry bear tog I mean 3 of us can be in running club )

ENJOY the bubbles.




An awesome post about awesome achievements written by an awesome lady. All round awesomeness!

Seriously, I couldn't be happier for you Karen and I couldn't be prouder of you. I quit before you but it has been me following you all this time really. You are such an inspiration and you are a friend :)

I'm lucky to have you as my quit buddy

Molly x


Absolutely amazing, I'm so pleased for you kazzytee, this isn't just regaining health through quitting but catapulting it to a whole new level! Great story, great achievement, great to see. Congratulations and enjoy the party!! :)


It is amazing what you have achieved. Welcome to the penthouse.

I don't think it was ever in doubt you would make it Kazzy. You quit was indeed a strong quit and with all that healthy stuff chucked in to secure it.

Simply fantastic.



Massive well done Karen that's fab!!

Am really glad you made it :D




Welcome, so so well done my love:). Never doubted you for a second.

Enjoy the 'new you'

Fi x




Welcome to the Penthouse


its always a big boast to see more and more walking through the doors :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

Carol x


Brilliant effort. Many congratulations.


Well Done!!!!!

HUGE Well Done to you!! A year!! :D

Your post is a really big inspiration to me as a newbie!!

Enjoy your Champers....dont forget the strawberries too :D :D :D :D



I resemble that remark!

Nobody calls me a waffler and gets away with it… I really need to call …….. HIM!

You’re here just in time…as Captain Kick@ss has been rehearsing a song for you for the last 3 weeks…..

I’m getting seriously sick of him warming his chortle muscles up… it the old “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do ……la la la la la la la” … all pigging day and night!

OK Captain K … take it away!

Here she comes……

Running down the street……

Gets the proudest of looks from……

Everyone she meets……

Hey hey it’s the Kazzy,

And people say she not quite as round! ( :eek: ... gulp!!)

That’ll be because of the running,

And putting those cigarettes down…..

She’s just trying to be healthy,

Looking after herself all the time,

I think I better quit while ahead,

Before I run out of rhymes………….

(…phew….think he just about got away with that one!!)

Seriously well done Kaz.

Another of our merry band comes marching in to the Penthouse, head held high and grinning from ear to ear! :D

I’m sure you’ve worn holes in your wellies running up that rocky road to Quitville but you’ve made it now…..come in, put your feet up by the fire and kick back.

You have been a quiet and powerful inspiration to me during our first year quitting.

Your confidence in knowing that even though we have only just started out on our new life paths you are never going to swing a u-turn helps me and your quit buddies massively.

So, there’s an Ouzo and Irn Bru behind the bar for you along with a black pudding and tripe toastie…………Gordon Bennet we know how to live up t’North!



Oh dear ….. I’ve waffled again haven’t I?......Nifty slowly side steps away hoping nobody notices…….


Well done!

Let me congratulate you Kazzy, brilliant post! Brilliant quit!:)Welcome to the Penthouse, we have been waiting for you to join us:)


Kazzytee, legendaree! Well done you, a forum regular, and another well deserved success story :)


Thanks for all the messages guys, it sure does feel good to be in the Penthouse!! Lets start a running club in here then! Got a 10k next Sunday but planning half marathon in 2014! I'm sure angry bear and woo will be in- anyone else?

Oh and Nifty - round? ROUND????????

I hope you can run faster than me!!!


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