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day 11

So day 11 is here and I don't know how I am going to go; the cravings are there but only through anxiety I think. My husband left this morning to go to work and won't be back until Saturday; it might sound silly but we have never spent more than one night apart before so this is going to be tough. But the worst part is that my "best friend" has called it quits with me because I was having pretty bad mood swings over the weekend and I did actually say a couple of things I wouldn't normally but they weren't that bad. She has gone to extremes to make sure I know that she needs a break from me and that I have angered her. She told me this via text message while drinking. I do feel quite awful for my behaviour but I can also see that she is over reacting and now I'm feeling so low I don't know how I am going to pick myself back up. Has anybody else had any issues with withdrawal symptoms making their moods go crazy and their normal "polite" behaviour disappear? More to the point, has anybody else lost a friend because of their withdrawal symptoms?

(Just reading back and it sounds like we're 16 years old :/ this is ridiculous)

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Couldn't have put it better Max. Well said.


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