No Smoking Day
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day 17- day 2 of detox

Eh! The only way to describe nicotine withdrawal is feeling paralysed! its like everthing slows down and you feel so tense!!! Im not pleased with how i feel BUT im not hankering for a fag like im not bargining with myself over weather i should have one of not, its just not an option. Its more being annoyed I have to go through this and wanting to feel relaxed!

Still determined, i will make this.

my own silly fault for smoking, non smokers dont crave nicotine :D xx

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I think my haters will hate me even more knowing i am eating a white chocolate magnum :D mwhaha!

thanks max, bring on the freedom! xx


two packets of monster munch as well....oh dear.

Ill have to buy some fruit n veg sticks me thinks :) xx



I am sure I lost the first three week off the cigs. I have vague memories of things that might have happened at that time. Lol.

What happens on he wagon stays on the wagon ?

Anyway you enjoy your treats. And whilst I am not a hater I am hating you having your magnum and munch cause I am now on a diet and have already wasted all my calories today :-(


well im eating for the both of us Popo72! im gonna hit the gym from the next week pretty much everyday to help maintain weight to take some of the preasure off plus good for overall health isnit!

I just wish this ****** detox would hurry up! My stomache is in knots as the nicotine leaves me. Im not even really thinking about fags, i feel fine mentally just feel like im ill or something! How anyone says nicotine addiction is a figment of the imagination i dont know, it feels pretty physical at the moment! Its just mild and chronic.

anyhoo, day 3 tomorrow where things get that lil bit worse before getting better. bring it on. ;) xx


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