No Smoking Day
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Sneaking in the day 2 door hoping to go unnoticed

Embarrassed is not the word. Here I am back again hoping to win this fight. I have put day 1 to bed, glad it's gone. Day 2 started quite rocky but I stuck to my guns and for the next hour I vow to remain an ex smoker. Master KK I may need severe punishment for my smoking sins, any ideas ;). I'm off to work in a minute so things should get easier throughout the day....wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it :D

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are you going cold turkey? defo keeping busy will be your biggest friend! Im gonna clean the house in a minute my mum will delighted :D

Good luck remember short term pain long term gain! xx


Thank you, yes going CT. Really tired tonight so just gonna sleep as much as I can. I remember how bad day 3 can be so want to be able to get through it without ending up a blubbering mess. Sword and and other weapon I can get my hands on will be at the ready, love a good fight :eek:


Are we really going down the Mr Grey route again Master KK, I distinctly remember a thread I started on this very topic. Don't know if smoking merits such "punishment":eek:, but I will try anything twice ;)


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