No Smoking Day
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35 days...and into Month 2 I go!!!

Well, I made it...I completed Stoptober....and then carried on and here I am in my second month! Im going to be modest, and say I am incredibly proud of what Ive achieved! lol. Corrrr its a battle isnt it...but it is still exciting for me! Im still getting a real buzz from this!

My cessation "Boss" has already lowered me down on the patches....we both felt I was ready for the next challenge....her confidence and faith in me helps...I dont need to see her now for 3 weeks! These smoking cessation groups have been a massive help for me this quit, as has this forum!

So, to anyone who is wavering, dont give up giving up....its is honestly so worth it! Everything is fresh and clean and new!! It is hard, but you know what!? enjoying the challenge!!'s to Month 2.....already 4 days in! :D

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