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next steps!

12weeks 1day!

so thinking of my next steps now...

im maybe 12-13stone so need to lose some weight... so going to go on a diet... obviously I have to b careful as the last time I dieted I done so well I wanted to lose more n more n lost 5stone in 3mnths by sticking my fingers down my throte maybe 5times a day...

after ive lost a few stone me and my partner are off to the drs to get help getting pregnant as ive got pcos... so excited now... :)

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Well done Hayley! Don't go too mad with the weightloss! I am also trying to lose the stone I put on since I quit. I have joined a gym and work out 3 times a week and eat healthily during the week (eating whatever I want on weekends). Don't think I've lost weight yet but I have toned up and I can fit in to my pre quit jeans now!!! Good luck and let us know how you get on!!



Were just going to b eating healthier for now... me and my otherhalf been together nearly 2years so not long but its what we both want and its not just like weve just jumped streight in it :) x


Hi Hayley...well done and good luck on the baby side....Im weighing in around the same as you and want to lose about a stone and a half, I have just joined slimming world and am finding the diet quite easy, but not had a second weigh in yet lol,...Im also finding that whilst im trying to get my head around the diet I am focusing more on that than the fags so happy days..xx


It can happen!!

Hi Hayley, Well done on your quit!! :D

More a personal note, I to have PCOS, and have a beautiful 6 year old daughter now AND I have a friend who also has PCOS, whose son is now 10 years old! We just need a little help with things is all :) All the best to you x


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