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Day 20

So today is day 20 of me not smoking and the time is flying by!! Im feeling good too. Im not getting any major cravings...its just habbit atm like when im on the phone, or when im bored etc. I went to a Halloween party last night where the majority smoked and it was ok. My mate even gave me his to hold cause he had to run and get something. I wont lie, I was tempted to have a drag of it...but i didnt. It felt weird having a lit cig in my hand again...but im proud I didnt do anything.

Health wise I feel s bit better. You sort of think when you quit you will be feeling better asap but thats not the case. I do feel bettter in other ways like not waking up with a tight chest.

So anyway...3 weeks tomorrow!! My quit hasnt been too bad at all. Im just scared incase it creeps up on me 1 day.

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Hey mrtee, you are doing really well, especially holding a lit ciggie and not latching onto it. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better too, each "recovery" is different but mine seems to be constantly taking me by surprise, for example, one day I realised that "taste" that was constantly on the back of my tongue had gone! You will notice more and more in the way of benefits, enjoy each one as they arrive.


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