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Brown filth


Morning all

Just discovered another reason to stick it to the evil weed. I have started decorating the front room. I considered myself reasonably house proud (i.e. I don't live in a hovel) but the thin layer of brown filth stuck over literally everything is disgusting. And I didn't even smoke inside as a rule :eek::eek:

Image what it is doing to your insides!

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I only used to smoke in my kitchen I am waiting for the Decorators to start on my kitchen then I will be totally smoke and nicotine free I have had all the carpets cleaned and all my clothes

Vile, isn't it, I hate visiting the MIL's, I always come away stinking like an ashtray as she chain smokes - you should see her house, eughhhhhh!

While ago now at work we "inherited" a printer, was fairly elderly but it did what we wanted. Anyway it was pre-smoking ban, and the place it had come from obviously allowed smoking and it was rancid!!

Took ages to clean the yucky brown stuff off it, and it smelled horrible!!

Surprisingly I cant smell smoke on everyone. I let a friend smoke in my house a few weeks ago and the stink afterwards was making me want to throw up, it took me ages to get rid of the smell.

When people go out for a smoke at work I can smell it on them and have to take a step back, But my mum smokes, and she smokes in her house, I cant smell it there, I have never been able to smell it on her either. It might be because she has her doors open all day but there is definitely no smell there.

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