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10 months :)

Hi All :)

Not been on here for a while, but thought I'd drop by to say it's been 10 months since I smoked (yesterday actually)

I had a bit of a wobble last week (more family problems) but didn't smoke, instead I dug out my trusty nicorette inhalator & it did the trick :D

This year has been one of the hardest for me, my youngest son has been in hospital for over a year & was diagnosed with schizophrenia & my mum has been in & out of hospital... Overall not the best year of my life, but & it's a big BUT - I still haven't smoked, it's a ****** miracle but I have come this far & nothing is taking me back to the murky place of smoking.

I hope all my fellow quitters are still fighting that demon off & good luck to all the newbies (you can do this)

Denise - 10 whole months, £1,766 saved & would have smoked 6,100 fags :eek: (must say, I'm feeling very proud of my self :) )

x x x

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10 months for me to, i cant belive it but at last i do feel like a non smoker.



Well done Denise you have done brilliantly:) Good to hear from you.x


Thank you all :)

Jenny keep going, you can do this :)

See you all in the penthouse :D

Denise x x x


Brilliant Denise, really positive post, hope some of the newcomers / restarters see it; shows what can be achieved, against the odds in your case, to say the least....:eek:


Congratulations on an excellent achievement!!!


Sorry for your troubles :( but boy are you a fighter !

Massive WELL DONE ! Amazing ..




I haven't forgotten about you princess. :)

I know how desperate you were to quit and you never gave up trying even after you have failed. I admire your determination and sheer strength which is an excellent trait to have

Keep going and your penthouse dream will become a reality soon.




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