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Still going strong

:p:D:p:D I am not even sure what day I am on, how long ago I quit, or that I even care how long it has been since I know I will never smoke again. All that I know is that I am past 6 months. I have no desire to ever start again... It has been awhile since I have been on this site due to my school work and tests as the semester just ended. I am just taking day to day.

I hope that all my friends on this site are doing well, too in their quit. I just happened to look at the date and it was 7 months yesterday. Hey, go me. But whose even counting anymore? Not me...A year will be here soon before I know it.

Kyle :p:D:p:D:p:D

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Kyle ! Hey :)

Well I'm counting and in few hours it will be 188 days ! So you can see how many days for you too being as we are so close ! Lol...

Great to hear from you. Good that you are busy - or maybe not !?!?

My other half flew out to New York yesterday to run the marathon there ! Do you know anyone that will be running it ?

Congratulations, you make it sound so easy ! It's all in the mind I know. As you say you KNOW you will never smoke again and that's FAB U LOUS :)

BTW I'm still right behind you and STILL member of the N O P E :)


Well done bud. Congratulations


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