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Day 6 - one crave today


Hey Folk. Had a good day today but had my first 'could of had a fag' moment this week. I was feeling quite good, buying a bottle of wine and i thought ' ahh lifes short...nice wine and fag...lovely' this was again an automatic thought and I had to remind myself a fag is not a treat, its something I am trying to run as far away as possible from!

Why does the demon like to attack when your either really annoyed or really happy??? lol Just have to stay neutral at all times at the moment :cool::cool:

Going to wake up tomorrow and try and not use any sprays or Ecigs... see what happens xxx

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You're doing a great job!

When I have craves I remember the last time I gave in and smoked.

That first cigarette after having quit for even half a day wasn't exactly


If I remember correctly it takes about three minutes for each crave to go away.

Set the timer and distract yourself!

Stay strong and keep it up!

Lol it does kind of feel like your whole life revolves around NOT smoking once you quit dont it!

Had a bad day today, Currently sat with a small glass of wine (dont like drinking before dark normally) Woke up ready to go cold turkey and just didnt want to do it for some reason. So i been using my squirter and ecig as per normal, but now i feel a little agitated. Day 7 I always feel annoyed ALWAYS so maybe its the psychological part of it being a week and all that...

I wouldnt feel ready for wine yet if I was cold turkey, the NRT and ecig are ok with it though. Dont drink until your really confident! I wont be drinking once im off the NRT for awhile! xx

Ive been fine all week but today I have felt like a junkie wanting their fix! lol I think the nicorette spray is really addictive actualy, because before when i have gone back to smoking...i still craved the spray as well :eek: lol ridiculous or what!

Yer I know them times will come, I have had snippets before and they are lovely! pure calmness is the only way to describe it! :D xx

You are sounding very serious this time Nicki and I really am cheering you on all the way. You are very close to week 2 and I look forward to seeing you there.

I know what you mean about food Felic, Even though i have NRT im still eating alot more! my salvation is the gym for both body and mind! lol

Tbh I get the feeling that for atleast 6-9 months this will be how it is. I think after a year is where it just feeling completely normal. I might be wrong but im trying to be realistic this time about what a change it actually is! So with that in mind, good to be kind to ourselfs and just take comfort where we can :) xx

Well done Nikki!

You've certainly got the right attitude. It's a pretty long journey, but after a few months it will be much, much easier and you will be free.

I really hope you manage it this time matey!

All the best!

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