No Smoking Day
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Addiction - rant alert!!

So been a bit quiet lately cos I've been off on a bit of a soul search, wish I hadn't started now lol but got fed up with smoking taking up all my thoughts so decided to look into other areas of life and what did I discover.......

Everything is a ****** addiction!! Fast food, chocolate, smoking, love!! Aww my head hurts, how can we be expected to keep in control of absolutely everything!!

Just made me a little angry so had to come here and shout lol!

Suppose the key is to fight one battle at a time! Life can be so mentally challenging :(

Anyways rant over, day 9 tomorrow, neatly at the double figures woohoo lol

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Try it from another perspective because all the things I love in life are addictive;

Family, I wouldn't want to try and live without them

Fresh clean water, enough said.

Food, I just can't live without it - I could probably do with less but most of it tastes so good.

Deep breathing, I can't live without it - it's even better now that the air it mostly smells so good (as long as blokie keeps off the pork faggots :o)

My Bloke, I wouldn't want to live without him, as long as he keeps away from the pork faggots.

My Pets, I couldn't live without the companionship - even though my cat is the most selfish creature on earth.

The rest of it I might really enjoy but I could, and can, live without it ;)

PS. Except chocolate, I could live without it, but I won't :p

PPS. Double figures is amazing MrsM


Lol Mrs Mash It does seem that way sometimes. I know what you mean. I have an 'addictive' I dont have a chocolate, i have the box. I dont try and get fit, I live at the gym. everything to the extreme!

I had a soul search as well funnily enough, and you know what I realised and I feel you will too?

I was reading my Bhuddist psychology book and it was abit about suffering and how suffering comes to be. Its fairly simple yet we dont see it.

Our senses see's the ciggy.

We interact with it, smell it, taste it etc

We like it

This creates a craving for it

Because we crave it we identify with it eg 'Mrs Mash likes cigs'

identity formation is made - 'Mrs Mash is a smoker because she likes cigs'

when this item is gone, we feel like we are gone.

and the cycle of suffering comes because, the cig was never apart of us like we are not a part of it, Its an illusion of the senses and grasping thus we feel a loss. Us and the Cig are two different entities.

I know that sounds very simplistic, but after really wrapping my head around that, it clicked I am Nicola who smokes, not Nicola the smoker at basic core level.

I do like theoretical stuff :D I hope this helps you in some way that is helped me :) your doing great! keep it up! xxxx


Yep we certainly are dealing with the worst one but we'll beat it :D

God I must have been having a terrible day that day lol! Feeling ever so sorry for myself!

Nikki, I'm a theory kinda girl too, I like it :) thanks


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