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I made it

WOOOOHOOOOO.....I have actually reached the 6 months mark for quitting smoking! No craves, no feelings that I'm missing it...get in there. I would like to say


I may be going through hell with my health issues but I now am on a waiting list to see the specialist who will decided whether I have either M.E or Fibromyalgia or both overlapping as is often the case. I am already getting help & advice from my Dr so I know how much I am able to do...& I am down to see a muscular/skeletal specialist for my arthritis. The workmen have knocked down part of the shed & now they've have found it all needs to be demolished & rebuilt, the house needs extensive work done, so we'll have workmen rewiring, replastering for some time & I'm supposed to be avoiding stress as it make my condition that's ever gonna happen....but...I still haven't had the urge for a fag. In fact, it was only today that I actually thought about the length of time that I have bee Nick O'teen free!

Go, me! :D :D :D :D :D

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Thanks, Kat,

It's amazing how many people suffer from it but I've also noticed that people won't admit they've got it until someone else says they have it up's almost like it's a shameful disease...something to be embarrassed about. I'll definitely look that book up as I expect to have quite a wait before I reach the specialist...right now, I have to know what that's like ;)


Well done, 6 months, that is great!!! Sorry about the health issues and I hope they improve and I am sure the house will look wonderful and you will soon forget about the work done;)


I salute you Sophie, so good to hear another one of us is now in the penthouse waiting room. Congratulations and I hope those quacks get you sorted asap. :D:D



So well done my love.

Fi x


Congratulations Sophie :)


Thanks, everyone...Karri, stay strong, even though it's hard. I won't lie to you...The quit will aggravate your M.E symptoms & you'll wonder why the feck you're doing this to yourself. I quit without realising it was M.E I was suffering from & thought I was going raving mad. If you read back to my posts from around the 2nd month, I was in a world of pain, depression & anger with a lot of other awful things that were happening at the time BUT I did it...I came through & won. You can do it...look on it as a way that you're managing to win a little victory against this debilitating disease. Take every day as it comes...I still say the E cigs damn well saved my quit...& neither myself nor my husband use them at all any more (in fact, I don't even know where mine is!) If you feel it's getting too much, just shout, message me or whatever, I'll try to help xxx


Oh well done Sophie....You are made of the strong stuff !!! You got through it to tell the tale...We all can appreciate what you went through. Amazing sheer grit got you through and a lot of courage :)



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