Week 7

So I have just started week 7. The craves are close to non existent but past experience tells me that a few big ones are on the way, so I'm ready for them. I am staying free from the nicodemon if it kills someone (not me, that would defeat the purpose lol).

I have an interview today for promotion. I don't expect to get it but at least it's another thing that I can do without needing to inhale a bunch of chemicals.

Wishing you all a smoke free day/week/month/year/life*

* = delete as appropriate

3 Replies

  • Well done Mark, you are doing great !

    Good luck for your interview :)

  • Just fab to get to 7 weeks, almost two month mark how great does that sound.

    A massive well done, good luck for to day.:cool:

  • Well done Mark keep it up im not far behind you...xxx

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