No Smoking Day
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Day 7

So today was my last day of my first week of not smoking!! Today was a good day with very little if any cravings! I feel a bit better too. I feel more energetic and I find I can sleep better too. Must admit I find the smell of smoke gorgeous though!! When someone smokes around me or I can smell it on them Im finding myself really enjoying the smell which is weird!!

So its not going too bad tbh. Realistically, its gonna be a battle probably right through to the day I die...but Im finding it ok atm. I have in my head enjoying Christmas day without running in and out going for a puff. Also, looking forward to not standing out in the snow, freezing cold puffing ny brainsout.

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Hey your doing great, first full weeks a massive source of encouragement , makes you realise what you can achieve when we focus,

Well done hope week two is a bit easier for you :)


Hi and you are doing well.

You will start to feel sorry for the standing smokers outside of various establishments - be it work or otherwise.


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