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Day two

Hi I am new to forums but thought of this idea today and thought I would gibe it a go.

I gave up smoking 7 years ago for a year and a half but went back after socially smoking first of all.

I have been putting it off ever since but I have decided this time I want to do it so here I am day two.

I would love to help others too.

I think at the moment my biggest challenge is feeling the void of smoking. I was a heavy smoker and would turn to cigarettes all the time it felt like my best friend. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on coping when stressed please?

Thank you and well done to everyone so far have read some great stories on here that have inspired me to continue

Hayley xx

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Hi, every one has different story, but for me , I found being a little selfish in your quit, weather extra long bath with candles, or lots of chops, it's up you, keep reading and posting, so many good tips on here,

A great start for you.:):):)


Hii.. I didnt cope atall.... if u look back on my posts it was me mainly moaning lol... good luck in ur quit x


Thank you to everyone. I like the sound of the extra long baths :) I am finding forums a great support so thank you all.

Wanted to say well done to you all sounds like your all doing great


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