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Fags ore the oth

Well hubby gone for walk, cooked Sunday lunch as you do, snappy , snappy, snappy, that's me, on the low patch, cannot seem to handle it? Why does he not se I am trying to quit, and it's hard what to do I do not know, not sure where he's gone, but do know it,s because of my snappy, snappy, snappy will this go , or am I just pretending I'm quitting so sad . Tracey:confused:

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You started a new thread about this today over here...

You have some replies in that thread.

Stay calm Tracey, these are the moments which decide how your quit will go, will you cave in or will you make it a forever quit.

The cravings will pass, you have to believe that because it is true, but you have smoked for years and only been quit a few weeks, give it time and you will succeed.

Take it 30 minutes at a time if you have to and drink lots of water. Keep saying no and you will be a winner.


So, how are you doing Tracey?

I hope you got through it. :)


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