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No Smoking Day
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Nearly a week in the bag :)

Hey all,

Didn't get on much yesterday was shopping :) and then babysitting my nieces.

Will have 7 days completed at 11 this morning so chuffed although I have had a bit of a stressful morning, woke kind of crabby and three children shouting for breakfast instead of one takes a bit of getting used to lol!! It's practise for the future lol!

Anyway stuck a patch on, had a mini and the paracetamol are at the ready :D

How are you all doing?

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Aww brill Debbie! Sounds like a lovely Sunday.

I'm not sure what to do today, hubby's playing footy then hitting the bar so might just have a chilled day with junior then catchup with downton abbey tonight :D

Have a lovely day xx


And by now you will have completed a week. Well done, very proud of you!!!


:DWhat can I say, you are amazing ;) Once you got that bit between your teeth instead of a cancer stick, put your brain into positive drive and you're away. Congratulations on one week done and dusted, you wait, it'll be months you'll be counting soon. Sooooooooo well done :)


We'll done MrsM

Excellent well done, I am looking forward to being a week down!


Thanks all!

Sorry I just like to blow my own trumpet now and again :p


Mashy,it's VERY important I think to blow your own trumpet-blow blow blow it!!!!:D

Being proud really cements resolve so be very very proud :p

Thanks Max :D


yay a week is great! hardest part of it all and you have done that now so you can smile at that great achievement :) keep up the good work Mrs and I look forward to seeing 'two weeks done' xxx


Well done you!

Well done, you are now on day 8 watching downton! And I am following your steps, will report fully tomorrow!:p


Well done Mrs! I knew you would do it.;)


Well done Mrs Mash, it looks like you have it licked this time :D

Lillie x


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