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22 days!


Last cigarette was on 20th September. Feel so much more awake, and less sleepy. People keep saying how much weight they put on once they stop smoking, haven't noticed anything yet, bit worried about this!

My question is, when will I stop coughing? I'm not coughing continuously, but when I wake up in the morning, or if I have a night out and am drinking, I wake in the morning with an annoying persistent cough, and haven't smoked! :cool:

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Hello, Phil and welcome!

I can't say about your coughing as I am not a doctor, but my experience was that it stopped after a few weeks. I had smoked for 41 years (I hate having to say that.:mad:)

Re the weight....that might depend on whether or not you are eating more. Some people, like myself (:o) stuff their faces with all sorts of food, to help stave off the cravings, and the weight can certainly pile on! But as I said, I'm not a doctor.

Is there a smoking cessation nurse or similar at your doctors who you could talk to about any concerns? Or a stop-smoking advisor provided by your local council?

But well done on being fag-free for 22 days!


Welcome Phil, I agree with our Val, the cough thing is specific to each individual and if it's causing you distress or pain, see the quack. Also I too have found a renewed sense of smell and taste, together with not pumping my body full of chemicals, has increased my appetite to gargantuan proportions so I am a bit of a weeble now :o Personally I am not getting too worked up over the weight thing until I know my quit is totally under control, then I will attack a new exercise regime with the same vigour that I've applied to my quit. Good Luck with your quit :D

Well done Phil, you are one day behind me :D.

I stopped coughing almost immediately, but I suffer from COPD so the not having the smoke irritating my tubes helped me right away.

When my mum stopped it took a few weeks for the coughing to subside so we are all different, just remember this cough is different, its clearing out all the rubbish that accumulated while you were smoking and so its doing your lungs a favour.

Lillie x

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