Feeling a bit Tipsy!!

Well ok I'm feeling a lot tipsy had a great night out and best of all I DID NOT SMOKE go me :)

Although I have had to pull out the e-cig when I got home but I could have had one of the hubby's fag which would have been worse although I still feel like I failed a little cos I'm re-enforcing the smoking action :(

Don't know whether to feel proud or give myself a slap on the wrist :(

Catch up with y'all in the morning xx

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  • WOOHOO well done Mrs M!!

    You have faced down one of the biggest triggers out there, boozing and you did *not* smoke, how fab is that? :cool::cool:

    So you had a couple of drags on an e-cig, so what 'cos you did not smoke a real burny fag :D

    Feel very very proud!!

  • Thanks Debbie, it feels good :D

  • Ha ha great post Mrs M, better result than last week so can't be bad....I am no fan of these ecig things but this has to be a little bit of progress for you, just hope you don't have a bad head this morning :-)

  • Thanks AngryBear! Heads not too bad thanks!

    I'm a bit disappointed I had to use thee cig to be honest as I'm trying to to break the association but I got have done worse and took one of the hubby's cig so I'm not going to be too hard on myself!

  • Well done MrsMash

    Was it not just last week the drink had been your downfall ? And look at this.. a massive win for you.

    This win will boost you for the next time, as it gets easier and easier. Congratulations.


  • Well, that's such a brilliant achievement, MrsMash! Another hurdle conquered, deserving of a gold medal!

    Please treasure your achievement.....it is, as has been said, a very precious thing. It will also build your strength up even more for going forward.

    Go, go, go MrsMash......medal winner in the hurdles!:D



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