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Another Day

Day two and I feel awful, my throat is killing me and my nose is blocked, I'm not sure if this is just a happy coincidence that I have become ill whilst trying to give up the smoke, or if it is solely the lack of smokes, or a lovely combination of the two.

Anyway, I have a friend coming round tonight and when we get together we drink, smoke and talk, nothing else and I can feel that warm anticipating excitement that usually leads to me saying- "ah, its all right, your mates smoking, it's fine," then I smoke.

Everyone must have been in a position like this, what did you do? Cancel?

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As bad as it sounds, I would cancel if the trigger will be a few beers and then a smoke. You should give yourself a chance in my opinion and not put yourself in this position for the first fews days. Just my advice but other might think differently, good luck with the quit . You will be nicotine free in another 24 hours (if you don't smoke tonight)


Familiar feeling...


I am in the same situation tonight and tomorrow night, it seems to be that all my friends smoke and drink (that is why we got on so well). My friend has asked me around tomorrow and told me that she will have wine chilling, which really scared me....I don't want to avoid people because they smoke, and my thinking is that I will have to face them sooner or later. I know what people say that later you might be more prepared for it as the cravings are lower, but I am not sure, I think that I would prefer to face thing sooner rather than later and be really prepared for it. I will take with me all the NRT that I have -drink doesn't taste very good with it and as last resource the e-cigs, and try my best. I am sure lots of people with more experience than me will not agree, and probably they are right, but will hopefully report a success back on Monday.

Good luck to you.:p



missed this. Hoping you are still quit pal.

I would have cancelled and did cancel many gatherings in the early days because I felt weak or had just a nasty feeling it could lead me astray.

Whatever it takes to protect your quit. It is worth committing for the next few months that you will do anything to ensure you stay quit. No matter who that offends.

You can always apologise later for your bad behavior and explain and be honest why you are doing it and no friend will have a problem.

Hope you managed whichever way you chose.



Day 3

Hi Guys, thanks for all the advice, I think everyone was right in saying that I should have cancelled, but I also agree with the thought that I have to face social situations where I will be faced with smokers.

With that said, it was a constant struggle, not a cigarette was smoked and my friend barely smoked either- 3 all night, but I think I would rather not put myself in a scenario where I am going to have a hard time coping- just until I start seeing myself as more of a non smoker.

Day 3 and I've taken to drinking cups of lemon tea instead of smoking- my lungs must be cleaner today than they have been in over a decade!


Wel done for getting through that minefield, ReviloIlio! :) Are your nose and throat feeling any better, yet?



:)Hello Rev, you did so well last night, I feel a bit sorry for your friend, he must have felt like he was treading on eggshells lol. Did you notice that foul stench when he had had a smoke, you don't stink anymore, well done and keep up the good work :)


Great job Rev, well done you!

It's a great feeling knowing you've conquered a trigger isn't it!!


Well done!

That must have been hard but now you know you can do it and how to cope in that situation! Way to go :D


Thanks for all the support guys. I haven't really thought about smoking because I've been running around all over the place for the last couple of days. Today however was a bit different and I couldn't concentrate on anything- I just wanted to smoke.

The cough is still here!


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