No Smoking Day
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Saturday will be the start of the new me

So, Ive been smoking now for 3/4 years started when my gf at the time cheated on me, and a friend offered me a cigarette to calm down, I'm now on over 25 a day. Ive decided to quit for many reasons, one being I want to start a family and be healthy.

Worst thing of all, my family, fiancee don't even know that I smoke, case of lots of mints, aftershave etc...

Ive tried to quit many times, and the day I go to quit, i panic, think how can i cope without one and end up buying fags.

How can I be strong, when sometimes I feel like I cant do it :(

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Saturday is my quit day, weekend im more relaxed, Im going cold turkey, that stupid?


Are you sure?

I thought my work buddies did not know I smoked, same as you, they never said any thing, have stopped 9week Saturday, and only yesterday at work my boss said very casually have you stopped smoking , your skin looks better, you hair looks better, and you don't smell of smoke, so maybe they know just not saying.

This form is great keep posting and reading it makes a huge difference.

Ps and my answer to my boss was yes have stopped


Trust me, you stink:eek: Three or so days into your quit you will come accross a smoker and you will wonder how on earth you thought you could hide that. I had one job where we could only smoke on designated breaks, I snuck off for a fag and was caught creeping back on to the shop floor, the boss accused me of smoking, I said I'd been to the loo and I, quite rightly, was disciplined for taking an unauthorised break. Don't panic as far as your quit goes, read other CT'ers accounts on here, every time you have a craving distract yourself. Why don't you take your fiancee out for the day, you won't have an opportunity to smoke then. If you want it, you can do it - we have


hahaha, maybe i do smell a little :p weekend is with the fiancee, so wont smoke, its monday when im alone, off to work i start to panic.

skin really get clearer?

Did any of you gain weight? Ive lost 3 stone nearly this year, and dont want to gain weight.

Thank you all for being so lovely :)


Great decision, I am sure once you give up you will feel more relax as the stress of hiding it would have not been good either! Make a plan for the stressful situations and be positive. Good luck!


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Its true - skin really does look clearer - I cant believe how much better I look when I wake up on a morning!

Good luck with your quit. :)


Hey Meg, welcome and good luck! Post on here as often as you can, it's the only NRT I used in the end (so far anyway!) so it CAN be done.

I gained a stone or so, it was more but I've lost some. That can be taken care of anyway, as you know; I'd rather be a touch heavier than a smoker :rolleyes:


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