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Month 2 woo hoo


I am now on day 31 (18) and things are going well. Craves have been minimal but have been there, they have been getting weaker and fewer as the time has gone on. I have now told people that I am not smoking and even joking about it (in a bit of banter type of way that is). I am really proud of myself and what I have achieved but I still refuse to get complacent or cocky because I know how easy it is to slip up. I'm just relieved that it has gone beyond minutes , hours , days and weeks :) :) :)

Hope everyone else is doing well on their quest for freedom!

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Well done Mark, I think a month is a really decent amount of time to get under your belt, and a good milestone. I think for me around six weeks in was the point where I really believed in myself, that I could actually achieve this, hopefully you're moving to that point too if not there already.

Glad you're proud, you deserve to be and it's a completely appropriate emotion! :)

Mark I am so happy for you, you're storming ahead with your quit and your head is in a really good place too, I really think this is the quit that'll stick - Keep it up and the craves will get even easier. Congratulations :D:D:D

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