No Smoking Day
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30 day mark!

I had to refer back to my posts to see what day I was on as I lost count!

Day 30!! It kind of feels like I am going through an identity crisis. I think I remember this before.. smoking becomes a part of your identity and when you stop smoking, it is like a part of your identity has gone too.

I had a manic day at work yesterday and because I didn't finish til almost 8pm, I went and got some food on my way home. As I was walking back to my car, I saw 2 people stood outside a pub with a drink and smoking a fag... it didn't look attractive, but I do remember thinking.. that was me once! The other thing was that because it is been so manic at work, I had the thought that when I get home I can relax with a cuppa and a fag.. and then realised I DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE!!!.. then it was like.. oh yeh....humph. I know I would just be kidding myself if I took a drag because it would just taste vile, and not only that... I am happy I don't smoke anymore because I don't want to smoke anymore!

So here I am.. Day 30! Woohooooo!!

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oldestnewest A massive congratulations coming your way, amazing how fast that went, isn't it? I still get those "I'll have a fag, oh, no I won't" moments but I don't feel that massive clanger every time now, just a gentle "ding", I suppose you could say it sounds like the penny dropping well done Nicky, enjoy the month two room :D


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