No Smoking Day
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Going into week 6......BLIMEY!

Day 35 nearly over, week 6 about to commence......

697 cigarettes NOT smoked.

£297 SAVED.

2 days & 13 hours MORE life.

Still finding it hard at times but seeing those figures makes all the bad times worth it. Left to own devices tonight for first time and have turned into a human Hoover........need to get my wobbly behind back on the treadmill tomorrow me thinks!

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Gosh 6 weeks

How fantastic is that well done you:cool I'm slightly in front 8 weeks, not a easy ride, but you well on the way, just keep doing what you doing, not easy but that's why we LOVE this form, it' s the best well done:cool:


Go that Girl, amazing isn't it how quickly the time passes, like you I have found out that every item of food now tastes so wonderful I just can't stop eating. Don't worry about it for now, as long as you're not giving in to the demon. Congratulations and keep strong.:D


Well done. You will be at. 6 months before you realise it. I wouldn't worry if you are eating a bit more at the moment, you can always lose it later . Week 6 is great going.


well done ,we share the same date for giving up ! Im eating apples in between meals and i only put on bout 3 pounds ! Hang in there and stay strong !


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