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I have a new addiction

I can't stop looking at this site, I'm on here for more hours in the day than I ever spent smoking :p On the plus side, you can't die because of reading ;) And if the fact that I've stayed off the smokes for 69 days makes someone else realise that they can quit, that can't be a bad thing can it :confused: I have also developed a liking for mint humbugs :rolleyes:

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You are not alone Jenn :p

Several of us became addicted as you can see by our very high post counts :eek:

So what,I say-if it helped stay off fags it was worth it-it did just that so it worked for us :D:D

LOL, I'll tell my boss that in my disciplinary for misuse of company resources :o Well, I will if I get caught :D


Is there a forum for quitting quit smoking forums? .:p


if there was no sucessful quitters like yourelves here,..what inspiration would we have?....i for one love this place,..thankyou for being here





well i have one of those which has developed since joining this forum




finding silly cat pics to post on here on a friday


but i can handlle it


mind you in the word of addictions i do know that quite afew have got addicted to certain foods mainly cakes and sweets since quitting or wine in Gemmas case :p

but having an addiction to this forum is a great one to have as its a good way to distract your mind and keep in touch with all the lovely people on here and also not forgetting the support and encouragement we give and receive from each other to

i know that the times i have gone awol i have missed the interaction with certain people and reading some of the posts from others

perhaps we could start a group for the addicts of the forum and once we grow in numbers we can

dah dah dah dahhhhhh

((i really needed the actual sound for effect dont you know))







My daily routine is -

Check stats on phone app - my last cigarette

Check mail

Check Facebook

Read paper online

Read this forum !

And I might do that several times in the day :) xx


I also have to mention the salad bar at Morrisons, I never knew you could get so many flavours in one place - highly addictive ;)


I am getting addicted, I keep popping on and reading old threads, posts, anything that is talking about being where I am. It is helpful to see everyone else was here.


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