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Hi everyone, I am Tom, 25, and I've been quit for about a week after over 10 years. I quit cold turkey and have no desire to smoke, for some reason I have had no cravings either, but I'm just going with it. Anyway, for the past four days I have felt depressed, tired, sleepy and sick. Also have the strangest feeling as if I'm half outside of my body, I can't think or concentrate and it's pretty awful. Is this normal and has anyone else experienced it? Hope this doesn't last long. PS, I've also started looking terrible.

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Hi Tom

Welcome to this brilliant place :)

And WELL DONE on taking the first steps to winning your freedom back

Sorry to hear your struggling with depression atm :( but let me assure you that it is a side effect to quitting

But it will pass just remember to make sure you drink plenty of water sipping it throughout the day will help you to flush out all the toxins from your body

And read some of the threads in the tip section

Come and post as often as you need we are all here for one another for support and encouragement

I look forward to reading your updates

Onwards and upwards is the only way to go

Regards Carol


Heya, well done for 1week :) ive been quit depressed... ive felt like the world has actually ended! In tears atleast daily for silly thing

if u feel worse thro time go to the gp, otherwise in time u shud b ok

Best of luck with u

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