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Day 8


Just popping in to give a wee update.

I have now entered week 2. Now I have a confession to make. I have been on stage every night this week and while I had thoughts of smoking I wouldn't say they were craves. I haven't shouted from the rooftops that I am doing this so I ended up having a discussion about quitting smoking, the merits of various methods and the need to recognise smoking and really really wanting to quit before you can even hope to succeed. My way round it was to say 'I recognise that I'm an addict'.

I also had a drink last night after the show. Actually I had a few. And I'm happy to say that the thought of smoking never crossed my mind. I did have a thought while I was walking home but again was able to brush it aside.

As always I reiterate that I refuse to get complacent or cocky about this. I am still taking one day at a time. I still have and carry my spray with me constantly but I have yet to use it.

To anyone thinking of quitting please do. I never thought I would have a chance but by finding what method works for you and using the support network here you really could be free.

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his behind you


Hey Mark

way to go hun your are doing so well and im so proud your fighting your way through these first weeks

looking forward to seeing you posting in the month 1 room very soon :)

and it will get easier too

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

hope you have a lovely day




Well done Mark you are doing really well, keep positive because it does become easier the longer your body has a chance to recover it starts work straight away which I find amazing and wonderful all it asks in return is for some food and exercise and for us to stop deliberately poisoning it.

Well done, I had a drink last night too and although the thought occurred to me that I fancied a smoke, that's all it was, a thought.

Keep going and keep pushing those little thoughts aside for the nuisance that they are.

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