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Who gives invaluable advice and support?

Hi everyone,

I got to thinking this morning whilst trailing round a supermarket that shall remain un named, whose posts do I always read for the advice they give.

There are different kinds of support, encouraging, practical, rousing, fire in yer belly to name a few.

These forum members are always there, giving all the time.

Who are the members that you look out for?


Hazel is always practical and encouraging

Kat is always encouraging and rousing

Max is always rousing and makes me smile

Fi is gentle and caring

Sarah Lou is fire in yer belly


Gemma Lou is without a doubt all of the above and I for one want to say thank you Gemma. I hope you realise how much you are appreciated.

You haven't had an easy ride but you are always there for everyone. You're a (please don't forgive the pun) GEM.

Love n respect

Molly :)

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Aww thank you Molly, that's really lovely!! xxx


It maybe lovely but it's also deserved hun x


Definately deserved! Our Gemma is a good'n :) xx


For me it was always the oldies who had the most inspirational post. One of the reason I don't post too much is because the backlog of post to search through answers almost every question.

Together the back catalog makes a superb resource and so to me it makes no sense to name an individual as inspirational it is the all those who went before me.


It maybe lovely but it's also deserved hun x

Yes it is deserved,you are a forum treasure Gemma :D:D

Gemma you are lovely. Your only young and you are always there for other people a wise head on such young shoulders. So keep encouraging us your a natural at it x

Definately deserved! Our Gemma is a good'n :) xx

Thoroughly merited, our Gem is one in a million, and I am honoured to be included in such a roll call of fantastic forum friends :)

Aww thank you!!

You're all fab people and I'd definitely not be here still without yoe, especially the Musketeers!! xxx


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