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Becoming an annoying ****

But not in the traditional way lol. I work in an area with a lot of office buildings so travelling to and from work I have to pass a lot of smokers. I would never begrudge anybody a smoke because they need to make the decision to quit themselves. A few times this week I've had a couple of mouthfuls of exhaled smoke - one thing I will say is that it stinks, I often hold my breath walking past a smoker lol.

Anyway, I was on a queue in the shop yesterday to get my lottery tickets. A lady joined the queue behind me and proceeded to talk to the lady in front of me. Within seconds the lady behind said she was dying for a smoke. Me, having some manners and a bit of sympathy for smokers, was going to let her go in front of me until she started to complain about everything. And I mean everything.

She doesn't smoke during the day, only after work every day or when she is having a drink. She has an e cig for work. The lady on the counter is too slow and the other staff member was 'chatting' down the back (I am almost certain she was talking to a supplier) the lottery will be drawn by the time I get served. She was going to miss her bus. She just complained about everything. Me being me decided then that rather than offering her my place in line I was going to go as slow as possible. And I did. And I could actually feel the lady getting more agitated by the second. But I don't know why she was worried - she was about to be reunited with her friend ciggie in a 10 pack and go home for a bottle of wine. Surely that would have made everything right with the world (sarcasm doesn't come across great online lol)

I have no intention of becoming a holier than thou ex/non smoker but I hate when people do nothing but complain. Was I naughty or did I do the right thing? I was also very tempted to say to her 'I have just stopped the filthy things so would you please stop talking about them'

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Good on you, I hate being the sanctimonious ex-smoker but sometimes I just can't help it. We went out to lunch last week and I had to wait to order pudding because the barman was having a smoke, then when he came back and served me, he stank so much he almost put me off my pud :mad: I was really good and didn't say anything but my expression probably told him how I felt :p Funny though isn't it how quickly we forget that desperate need to have a fag, and every second that you have to wait turns you into a monster that Nicdemon would be proud to adopt. I only smoked in my lunch break at work and if I ever stayed on, I would have to go outside at 4.30 on the dot to have my fix otherwise I would have been unbearable and unable to concentrate on anything :o


Ex smoking dad

Know what you mean , was taking my dad to see my sister in hospital the other day, the window was down as we stop at the traffic lights he says rather loudly the lady in the green top needs shooting you should not smoke, couldn't believe it made all the worse as he was shaking with his Parkinson's, nothing worse than a more holy than thou ex smoker!


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