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Lost my quit

Hey guys,

Have an admission to make, as the title suggests I've lost my quit. Found out on monday that my Grans cancer is back and she only has weeks left and that afternoon we got the phone call at school that we were going to have a visit from Ofsted! So been a super stressful and unsettling week, so am back on the fags.

However I am planning to quit again, on Tuesday. i would try sooner but i am heading back home to see my gran ( she is in Cornwall, while I live in the midlands) and I don't think I could cope with another quit right now.

I'm a little annoyed with myself as I managed over a month, and was doing soo well, but the minute it got hard they were the first thing I thought of to help me cope.

Does anyone have any hints or tips on how to get through those super hard emotional times without losing your quit? I know that soon I'm gonna have to deal with a bereavement and don't wanna lose this new quit.

Ems x

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Sorry to hear your news hun

it sounds like its going to be a very stressful and upsetting time for you so make sure your not putting too much pressure on yourself about your quit

it is a natural thing to want to smoke because in your mind you think you need it and in the past it was the first thing you reached for so dont be hard on yourself

if you feel strong enough to start again on tuesday then writing a list or reasons to quit and reading some of the threads in the help to stop section will help

again dont be hard on yourself your only doing what most people would do in that sort of situation

sending ((*HUGS*))

Carol x


Hey Ems,

I have slipped twice in the last year, both connected with losing my mum back in February. I can't put into words why the slips happened because I knew really deep down inside that smoking would not help in the slightest, in fact smoking is what killed my mum. I can only express it as a desire to cause myself a different kind of pain. A loss of pride in myself (that's just aimed at me by the way, I was an awful lot further on than you are now when it happened - 5 months and 9 months :mad:).

Both times I picked myself straight back up and got on with things as best I could. I know it is hard Ems but if you pick yourself up and get back on the wagon as soon as you can you will realise that if you can get through this, you can get through anything without the need to smoke. It is such massive turning point when you can realise that.

Please post as much as you can, it really does help to know there is a whole bunch of us that are on your side and willing you on.

I hope things go well with your school "visitors" and let us know how you get on.

Best possible wishes coming your way

Molly x


Thanks carol and Molly.

As far as the 'visitors' we did well, got a good rating, which is huge for the school I'm in, as 2 years ago we barely scraped through with a satisfactory ( before they changed all the ratings). I did have a bit of a nightmare with my first observation and got a requires improvement for the lesson, which was understandable (in my opinion, considering the circumstances). But the second lesson, I pulled myself together and got a good with outstanding features, so was very happy with that and the inspector took all things into consideration when making her judgement. Hence the overall good rating.

I really do want to get back on the wagon as I know how much I smell right now, noticed it soo much when I had quit! But I think if I try right this minute then I'll just crumble again. So have made up my mind to join the Stoptober band wagon, and give myself these few days to deal with my grief about my gran and not beat myself up about smoking. But I will be posting on Tuesday in the 1st day section, cos I will quit!

Ems xx


Sad situations

Yes , I took a call I. Feb to to say mum was very ill and was abroad when she died, devastation and smoked so much because it did help, then had to endure a 12 hour flight to get home wit out a smoke . Then my sister had a huge accident and lost quater of her skull, again smoked lke a chimney, then had two private eye operations both went wrong, again smoked lke a chimney,

But will have now have stopped 7 weeks on Saturday, and while my sister has had major surgery this week to reconstruct her face, for some strange reason I did not smoke, so when you are ready then that is your time,

So sorry to hear your very difficult situation, but for me it has helped to post on here and read the support it gives

Your time will come to stop, so be the best you can for now, and start your quit when ready, failing is. Only when we do not keep trying, and am sure you will keep trying so well done.


Hello Ems, I'm so sorry to hear your news, I can't help with the motivational stuff from a personal perspective as although lots has happened to me I hadn't started my quit, but what I think I would do is not look at it as a lost quit but as a pause in your quit, you know you want to stop but at the moment you're desperate for the comfort you remember getting from a ciggie and as you're in emotional turmoil the logical side of brain loses the argument. On Tuesday as you pick the quit back up, use the pause as ammunition as you know exactly how to cope with the worst of the cravings. Good Luck Ems, sending big hugs and best wishes.


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