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I am back..


Hello Everyone !

Missed you all, did have peeks here and there in Turkey !

Kat have something to admit...I had many EFES and thought of you !

Well done to you and Max on your new milestones. Forgive me if I have missed any...

It has been a wild week and so good. Mixed with the smokers, many times I have been the odd one out ! But Still Not One Puff Ever for me :)

Even I cannot believe just how well I have coped !

So here I am now, back home with the holiday blues and eating for England !

Must start up the running again now...and start from scratch.

Hope everyone is good and well and still in their Quits !

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Welcome back, woo, and I'm glad you had such a lovely holiday! Well done for keeping your quit.....I understand that holidays can be quite difficult in that respect, so


I'm moving into Month 2 next week! Can hardly believe it!




Glad to see you had a lovely smoke free holiday hun :)

How proud you must be feeling for not giving into that demon

you are a star


sending hugs your way

Carol xx

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