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feeling down

Today i had the dentist. My mouth is swollen with injections. Having alot of cravings ughh. I hate the dentist i get so worked up and feel like im about to be sick with nerves even now am out of it. Im using an e cig and was going to be cutting down my nicotine strength but along with everything today im ready for a huge panic attack. Its been so long since a cig yet i feel like im back at day one. what is going on!!!!

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Ouch :(

Not nice to be going through this and having strong craves is natural hun just go with how you coped when you first quit

It will pass honestly because it's your first time of dealing with this horrid experience the urge to want to smoke are stronger because that's how you dealt with this before when you smoked

Treat yourself to something you enjoy and be kind to yourself to

distracting your mind will help

I have a real bad phobia of going to the dentists and went through something similar the first time I had any treatment when I quit


Is it normal to feel in shock. Its so strange i havnt felt like this in a good while. I have this imagine in my mind and its like a long path. Here i am at one end of the path with everyone around me smiling and then there i am at the other end of the path with a cig in my hand. Its like im being dragged back. This has to be the strongest ive felt. I read my post again and im thinking how much id love a cig but it keeps snapping in my head these are just excuses. I wouldnt really love one. I would be sick and feel guilty. I may not lower the dose today but i will do it. Im a nonsmoker and dont need something so small and smelly and disgusting to tell me what to do. Im not one of those people wasting my money time and health on something that i know deep down will ruin me in so many ways aghhh. My mind keeps switching.


This is normal but it will pass try and focus on the positives to your quit

You just have to keep reminding yourself that smoking isn't going to help in anyway shape or form

You will come out the otherside stronger hun

Hang in there x

Reply have been to the dentist and you have not had a fag. That is just ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.You should be feeling so very proud of yourself! Give yourself a really nice treat this evening because you deserve it. That is such a big hurdle to overcome and you've done it!

Don't have a cup of tea yet though, because if you're anything like me, after a trip to the dentist, it'll dribble down your chin and you'll be slurping!:eek::D

Really well done....... so be kind to yourself. ;)



lowering nic doseage or changing quit method help

Hi guys so here i am two months smoke free now wohoo. Ive been thinking of changing from my e cig to inhalator(?). Not sure if i should either try just cold turkey now and throw my e cig away, go get an inhalator and try that way now or just lower my dose on the e cig. I dont want to quit smoking to be hooked on an e cig instead. Just need some advice on what others think is the best way to break the habit. Thanks


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